How to Make Money With Teespring: Design and Sell T-Shirts

Hi Readers! If you are wondering for the best way to make money online then Teespring will be the best website do do so. No investment required and most importantly you do not need a website to do this.

Make Money With Teespring

You must be thinking that how can I sell T-Shirts, I am not a seller, bla bla.. isn’t it? Don’t worry you need to do anything. From T-Shirt production to Shipping, customer service customer relationship everything is handled by Teespring. You only need 3 basic things below.

  1. Computer
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Your Design skill and Creativity

Make Money With Teespring : Process Explained

Basically Teespring is a online store which sells customized T-shirts, Phone Cases, Pillows, Mugs etc. You can select any item from above, upload your own creative design, Fix your selling price and sell. When people purchase your product, teespring will receive money and after deducting their base price you get paid. Means if the base price of T-Shirt is 12 USD and your selling price is 15 USD, then you will receive 3 USD profit per T-shirt. Cool isn’t it.


Create an account in T-Spring. Signup using your email id and other required information.

Create an awesome and trending design using Pixlr or Any other editor. Make sure that your design is viral and creative, So that people will purchase it. You can use Google Trends to see the which topic are getting viral in past 48 hours.

Then login into your Teespring account and Click on Start designing. Then you have to select your canvas from different variety. You can selected any item but I recommend you just scroll down and select T-Shirt from the Other Best Seller section below.

Make Money With Teespring

Then you will be redirected to an editor page like below.

Now you have 2 options to add your design. You can either write a Text Slogan or Dialogue or you can simply click on Art and add upload your image (Should be 120 dpi). You can change the T-Shirt color to give it an attractive look and many more options are there. Below is the sample design of my T-Shirt design.

Make Money With Teespring

Once everything is done click on the sell button. Then you will be redirected to set your goal. You need to tell them how many items you are expecting to be sold and they will estimate an overall profit for you. You can even add multiple colors for your T-Shirt, So that your buyers can choose their favorite color.

Then click on next and you will be redirected you description page. Write an attractive description according to you T-shirt. Finally launch your campaign.

For better results you can use google trends to check for the trending topics and for more buyers we recommend you to use Facebook Ads.

Logical Guy Conclusion:

As per my experience Make Money With Teespring is one of the excellent method to earn money online. Once you started selling you can add your payment method. Payment is through Paypal, Payoneer and direct bank transfer (US).

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