Earn Money Online

Based on my own experience, I have included all these simple steps to earn money online. I’ll keep adding new ways for making money to this page, so go ahead and bookmark it.

1. Earn Money From Amazon Kindle (Selling Public Domain Books)

Make Money by Publishing eBooks on Amazon

Amazon Kindle is one of the most profitable and my personal favorite method to make money online. You can make money by selling eBooks online. You don’t need to write your own eBook. Just download the free public domain eBooks, edit them, publish in amazon and receive your commission every month. I have taught more than 2500 people regarding this money making idea on my YouTube channel. Read The Ultimate Guide To Make Money by Publishing eBooks on Amazon

2. Earn Money By Doing Online Surveys (Easy)

Best Paid Survey Sites to Make Money online

An increasingly popular way to earn money online is to do online surveys in spare time. Marketing-Research companies are always seeking new members to attend their brand or product surveys and to test new products. For a few minutes of form filling, you can paid as cash or rewards. You can collect up to $5-10 for some surveys!

After you signup the survey companies will send you surveys with the intervals of 3-4 days, and if you attend them regularly you can make USD 20-25 from each website per month.

Check out Best Paid Survey sites to make money

3. Earn by Creating your own Website/Blog (Recommended)

This method probably is the best method to earn money online while you are sleeping at home. You just have to create your own website and monetize it smartly. Now a days it’s very easy to create a website.

Initially the idea of Logical guy also taken like this

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4. Earn Money From SteemIT (Trending)

How to Make Money with Steemit

If you are very serious about making money online then SteemIT is a must try. Steemit is a social media website that uses the block chain technology and it’s own cryptocurrency called “Steem” to reward participants.

You can make money with Steemit by writing quality blog posts, but also up-voting (Like) and commenting on other’s posts. It is a great platform for both readers and writers for making huge amount of money online.

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5. Earn by Making YouTube Videos

YouTube is a very popular platform to post videos and earn from them. Literally Youtubers are earning millions every month by creating their videos.

YouTube is a totally free platform to create videos and earn money. If you have any fascinating skills like singing, dancing, cooking, coding, acting, teaching, blogging, technology, any educational topic etc or if you can give product reviews, movie review, comedy review, shout out then it’s the best platform for you to gear up.

But please keep these things in mind while using YouTube:

  • Make unique and interesting videos
  • Don’t copy from other videos and don’t add any music that do not own or you do not have permission, because YouTube has very strict policy for that
  • YouTube only pays for ads not for subscribers,views,likes or comments, So monetize your videos by enabling Monetize option
  • Sign Up for Google ad-sense and enable ad options on your YouTube video
  • Advertise your video in social media to grow more audience
  • Never try to fool Google by playing your video again and again. YouTube may terminate your account
  • Never create any violent, repulsive, sexual, abusive content

If you are all set with above things then you can start making money on YouTube. know all about earning money from YouTube.

6. Earn Money on DTube (Best YouTube Alternative)


If You are an YouTube Creator and fed off from YouTube’s policies or If you looking for an suitable YouTube alternative, where you can post videos and make money without getting your channel or Adsense account suspended then DTube is the best platform for you.

DTube is a decentralized platform which is based on Block Chain network system unlike YouTube. Basically it is platform powered by Steem and IPFS. Know more about How To Make Money on DTube the Best YouTube alternative

7. Make by Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard about Affiliate Marketing and How people are earning $1K – 500K just by sharing links online. But do you know affiliate marketing is absolutely free and simple and you can make lots of money from it.

Basically it is a marketing strategy where you refer someone to any online product on behalf of a company and when that person buys that product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission.

Read in detail about how to make money from affiliate marketing

8. Make by submitting CAPTCHAs


CAPTCHA entry job is one of the easiest work from home jobs. If you are looking for work from home job to earn some pocket money every month then CAPTCHA entry job is best for you.

Although earning is not very high paid, but the job is damn easy. You only have to sign-up and typing Captcha and can Earn Money Online.

Read our full article to know how to earn RS 10000 every month by typing Captcha.

9. Earn by Online Betting (Luck)

Have some betting skills? then you should try your luck in online sports betting websites. These are completely legal and safe.

If you are a Cricket fan my personal suggestion is you should try your luck in Dream11 but this is only limited to Indian citizen. For others I would suggest to use Bet365 to test your luck.

Note: Although this method is highly paid but it always depends on your luck and commonsense. So if you are doing this activity to earn money online then always act smartly.

10. Earn by Shortening URLs

URL Shortening is one of the very popular and easiest method to Earn Money Online. Because in this method, you do not need any technical skills or investment. You can start making money by sorting any URL anytime and anywhere using Best paid URL Shortener websites.

From my personal experience I can tell you that you can easily earn $5- $10 every day using paid shortening websites.

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Note:- All the above tips are based on my own experience and my detailed market research. All the topics are last updated on 8-Mar-2018, if you have any suggestion or updated news regarding “How to Earn Money Online” please comment below