Dark side of the Internet: Secrets of Hidden Deep and Dark Web

All about different dark side of the internet:

Do you know? The internet that can be browsed and used in our entire lifetime is only 4% of total internet available in the world.
But what about rest of the internet? This article is all about the dark side of Internet.

It’s a fact that every big things has 2 side. One is white and ethical where the other one is dark and non-ethical. Our internet also could not get away from this fact.

The entire internet is divided into 3 different parts i.e Surface web, Deep web and Dark web. Surface web only covers 4% of the internet and rest 96% are covered by Deep and Dark web.

Let’s Begin with Surface web:

Surface web is very commonly browsed internet like google, Facebook, Yahoo, All available websites etc. More typically Surface Web is anything that can be indexed by a typical search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engines. 

Let’s make it more simplified, every content that you search and find on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine are the part of surface web. This covers 4% of the total internet.

Moving to Deep web:

Deep web is typically which is hidden from the search engines. Means these website or contents are organised and encrypted in such a way that search engines would not able to crawl it.

Usually Banking records, Government files, Medical data and all user databases etc are stored within deep web to anonymously hide it. If I simplify it, our personal bank records are located some where in the encrypted deep web.

Accessing to deep web is not complete legal because  somewhere in between in the core of Deep web,  dark web is located.

Let’s move to Dark side of the internet: Dark Web

Dark web is a small portion of deep web, which is most protected and completely illegal dark side of internet. Accessing the Dark web using a common browser is not possible because it’s completely anonymous and hidden. Also accessing dark web is completely illegal and an open invitation to FBI and other govt. agencies.

All the illegal activities like Hackers hiring, Drug trafficking, child pornography, Hit man hiring, Dealing Firearms, Ammunition, and Explosives, Human Organ business, Live rape, murder, torture, carnivorous activity like eating human flesh alive and all red room events are the part of dark web.

Using dark web people usually hire a Hit-Man to murder or torture someone, most of the terrorist organisations do their fire arm dealings, Black marketers sell and buy human organs for a cost etc.

Usually most of the Red-room events in Dark web like live rape, murder, carnivorous activity and torture are paid in Crypto-Currency like Bitcoin for a special invitation. Below are the some of the facts of different dark side of the internet.

Dark side of the internet

Image Credit: Visual Capitalist

Accessing Deep and Dark web:

While using a normal web browser like Google chrome or IE, it’s not possible to access deep web. For that Tor browser is required which makes a user completely anonymous. Directly accessing dark web is most probably not possible even if you are using a Tor browser. Because most of the times you need a special invitation or decryption tool to access the dark web. Normally a deep and dark web website extension ends with .onion.

While accessing deep web you may accidentally encounter dark web according to some internet experts. But it’s never recommended accessing the dark web.

Case Study

Fact is that the concept of the Dark Web isn’t completely different from the Surface Web. Anything that is illegal to sell or discuss on the Surface Web is available in the Dark Web. Personal information, drugs, weapons, malware, hacking services, red room events, and contract killing services are all available for sale.

The Dark Web is full of illegal and criminal activity, but it’s also place where dissidents and whistle-blowers can anonymously share information. In countries with restrictive internet surveillance, the Dark Web may be the only place to safely voice criticisms against government and other powerful entities.

In countries like North Korea, some whistle-blowers are taking the advantage of the Dark Web to spread the govt. dictatorship around the world.

Confusion between 2 different dark side of the internet: Deep and Dark web

Most of the people even 60% of media articles are confused between Deep and Dark web. You should completely aware and never confuse between these dark side of the internet.

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