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Debasis Nayak

Hi Readers, I am Debasis Nayak currently working as a full time Software Engineer in Malaysia. I belong to Bhadrak, Odisha, India. Blogging is my hobby and part time activity. Apart from Blogging I am also a Tech YouTuber, managing an YouTube channel named Logical Guy. If you want to know more about me that, how I have started my journey then you should read below.

Let me share some personal experience. When I was a student, I have faced various problems for my pocket money, due to limited income of my parents. I have struggled enough in my life to get a loan for my education and other student expenses. After a long struggle and for my hard work and determination today I’m working as a software Engineer in Malaysia. So I will suggest everyone to always keep one thing in your mind “Never Back down” because “You will either Win or Learn but you will never Loose”.

During my struggle period eventually I have learned different techniques to earn and save money at the same time. So I thought it’s worth sharing with you all, So that you will not face the same problem that I have faced earlier. 🙂

In Logical Guy we post various tricks to save and earn money, different technical Tips, Blogging and Vlogging tutorials. Also in separate we post different techniques and current tech news that will keep you up to date with today’s technical generation.

Also for every 105th visit to our website ,we raise donations to different charities and for education of poor students.

About Logical Guy

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