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YouTube now became a very successful platform for the beginners to make money online and filling up their wallet, by simply making YouTube videos. If you are from India, you must have heart about “BB Ki Vines” and “Technical Guruji” YouTube channel, they both started from scratch and within 1 and half year they have gained 3.6 million and 2.2 million subscribers respectively.

But you should also know, what are the hard work and effort behind every successful YouTube channel. My intention is never to discourage any beginner, but if you are just starting your YouTube career then read the post till end and you will know all the required tips to be a successful YouTuber.

What is the meaning of Successful Youtuber?

Promote YouTube Channel

  1. Video views – Lot of people are watching your video
  2. Subscribers – People are following your YouTube channel for future information
  3. Engagement and Conversion – People like clicking on the video description and engaging more with your videos
  4. Brand Name and Share – People are spreading your videos in different online platforms and talking about your Brand (Channel)

When you started getting all four above, you can consider yourself as a successful YouTuber.

According to my personal research if you follow below steps no body can stop you to be a Pro, these are the best ways to Promote YouTube Channel.

  • Step #1 <Decide your Content>

Behind every successful YouTube channel there is his content who made it successful. So 1st decide your content, in which you have are the best and you have enough knowledge. Your content can be anything like blogging tips, singing, dancing, tutorial, gaming etc.

Never post videos in hurry, because if you really want others to watch and like your video, then you must have to give your best in it. So it’s very important to decide your content according to your talent.

  • Step #2 <Don’t do it only for Money make it Your Passion>

If you are a beginner then never use YouTube for only making money, it will discourage you of not getting enough views and after some time you will definitely give off. Because if your focus is only on making money then you definitely will lack good contents. So take my suggestions and make YouTube videos as your hobby and definitely after some days you will be successful.

If you are passionate enough to make YouTube videos as your hobby then YouTube will definitely work for you once you started uploading good videos regularly definitely one day your traffic will boom and you will definitely will earn enough money.

  • Step #3 <Don’t copy>

Never copy any video from anyone, because it will lead you to a YouTube copyright issue for which you may lose your YouTube account. Always make your that your video is completely owned by yourself and it doesn’t include any copyright content and Audio inside it.

  • Step #4 <Learn to Earn>

This is the most important step and moral of every successful Youtuber/Blogger. If you want to earn something then you have to learn how to do things. Before posting any tutorial or video you must have enough knowledge on that topic, if not 1st learn from other tutorials, research, topics and blogs related to it. Gather enough content and knowledge, make a quick script then based on all your data. After all these you can start making your video.

  • Step #5 <Use social media>

If you want your video to be seen by other people and want to increase your audience then take the big advantage of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. Because these are the quickest and easiest platform to spread your video.

My suggestion is to create a Facebook page related to your channel and post your video in it with some descriptions. This will help you to gain interested audience according to your video.

  • Step #6 <Do not mislead and Fake>

Although by misleading or by providing fake information or videos will increase your traffic in few days, but it’s not an ethical or legal way to use YouTube. If you mislead people, then they will never visit your channel again and also your reputation will be ruined. So always give genuine and ethical information to your viewers which make then to visit your channel next time.

  • Step #7 <Proper description and Related links>

For every video you are making must include a proper description So that viewers will identify what your video is all about. If you have mentioned about any different reference about your video then you should provide it’s link (if any) in the description. It will help your viewers to get more from your video.

  • Step #8 <Video Serialization>

This is one of the most successful YouTube strategy. If you have a long video regarding a topic then you can divide that video into 2-3 parts and release that video into 2-3 different episodes. So that after watching the 1st video, your viewers will be curious to watch the 2nd part.

Most of the successful You-tubers are using the same technique. It will increase your video traffic for each video as well as it will increase regular viewers for your channel.

  • Step #9 <Video Editing Skill>

To be a Pro YouTube, it’s very necessary to make your video more attractive by adding some effects, channel introduction, basic editing, amplification, noise reduction, etc. This will help you to gain more viewers because of your video quality and effects.

By using some video editing software like Filmora and Sony Vegas you can easily edit your video and make a very good quality video for your viewers.

  • Step #10 <Internal Promotion>

YouTube has the a functionality called “End Screen and Annotations” by which you can promote your channel or video. You can also promote your website if you have any. This really helps to get more subscribers as well helps your viewers to better know your channel.

Ways for making money on YouTube

You can earn money from YouTube by enabling the video Monetization option. But before this you must have total 10,000 views as per the latest YouTube Adsense policy. After that YouTube will review your channel and once approved all your videos will be Monetized.

Basically YouTube will be connected with Google Adsense, which will play Ads in between your videos and in return you will get revenue. More the video views, more will be your earning. Also your revenue depends on the traffic country. Means if your traffic is coming from USA, Canada and UK then you will get more Ad rates and you will get more revenue.Promote YouTube Channel

As per the above picture whole YouTube earning works. 1st you will create a video and uploaded to YouTube. Then views will watch your video. When more people watch your video advertisers will be attracted to you YouTube channel and YouTube will display different type of Ads in your video interval. Based on these ads you will earn revenue.

There are my personal best ways to help you growing your YouTube channel and making money from YouTube. If you have any suggestion for Promote YouTube Channel please comment below. I will keep adding more tips so go ahead and bookmark this page.

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